Uses Buffering Http State Provider with SQLite backend


This example shows how to use CellActions plugin. Cell actions are small images, icons, that fit into grid cells right of the value.

When an icon is clicked beforeaction event is fired first followed by action event. Action can be cancelled by returning false from beforeaction event handler.

Both events are fired with grid, record, action, value, dataIndex, rowIndex and colIndex parameters that can be used to identify and execute the requested action.

Icons and icon tooltips can be defined either statically; they are same for all grid rows in this case, or they can be bound to the grid store record fields; they can be different in each grid row in this case.

This example shows both static actions and actions bound to the grid records in EditorGridPanel (dblclick to edit).

The example is powered by Apache web server and PHP 5.2.5. PHP script that returns grid rows is included in the download package.

CellActions Documentation
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